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The AMC Institute (AMCI) continues to align all of its resources and thought leadership to guide the AMC community through COVID-19, delivering advocacy, current advice, best practices, links to webinars and town halls, financial aid tips, and more.  The AMC model has consistently proven results in delivering unparalleled flexibility, agility, and financial advantages for associations and non-profits. AMCI will continue to ensure that the AMC community is well-equipped to do just what they were designed to do, marshal their clients through the most challenging of times to a successful, sustainable path forward.


Are you looking for a template to help your AMC successfully manage, adapt, and plan for a COVID-19 response? Check out AMCI's list of curated templates for AMCs to help you get started on the path forward.

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AMCI Engagement Lounges

Each Friday from 12:00–1:00 pm ET, AMCI hosts an AMCI AMC member-only Engagement Lounge focused on how AMCs are dealing with coronavirus-related disruption. Register for the next Engagement Lounge today.

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